About us

Our history

The work and professionalism of our Company in the natural stone sector are perfectly reflected by more than 40 years of history. Besides, the fact that our qualified personnel would be constantly benefiting from the latest advances in technology allows us to carry out not only important public work projects but private promotions as well while offering the best quality in our products by fixing of the best delivery periods.

Granitos Hnos. Orellana is located in Quintana de la Serena, a locality of Extremadura, which is renowned throughout the world for both, its quarries and Gris Quintana Granite. Finally, the strategic geographical situation of our Company where each and every factory is close to the aforementioned quarries, allows us to thoroughly monitor the raw material.

Our objective: Customer satisfaction

Granitos Hnos. Orellana has always had as a main objective getting the customer satisfaction. To this effect, our Company monitors all the key stages of the product development process, that is to say from those referring to the extraction in our own quarries, going through the granite manufacturing in the most up – to – date factories, to finally the logistics monitoring with our own shipping Company.

In this respect, it is important to know that our Company has as its objective the continuous improvement in business management and to this aim Granito Hnos. Orellana (GHO) enjoys a Quality Management System according to both, the ISO 9001 and the CE marking on the products we commercialise.